Tomee 1.7.x netbeans windows issue

Today I have met with the same situation when I wanted to upgrade from TomEE 1.7.0 to 1.7.2and based on Mugi4ok‘s question and Howard‘s and Steve‘s answers (because all of you are right but the root of the problem remains in the system) I did some deeper analysis on the mentioned situation and finally I have found the root of it.

There are two different issues in the new TomEE release (1.7.2)

  • One raises when you start the debug or run session in NetBeans and you get immediately the message: The given name (*) could not be recognized by the system as command …
  • The other raises at the end of the deployment process which generates the long running situation

Let’s see the first case. Because it is generated at the very beginning of the run/debug process I have checked first the catalina.bat script because it is called first. I have compared the both version coming from TomEE 1.7.0 and 1.7.2. And the problem was almost trivial.

TomEE changed two lines in the script:

in 1.7.0 it was this:


but in 1.7.2 they put quotes around it:


And that is a big change if the JAVA_OPTS environment variable contains quote as well. And if use NetBeans and we use nonProxyHosts setup and we have switched on the “Use IDE Proxy settings” checkbox at the platform setup of the TomEE server we will have something like this in JAVA_OPTS (I have just extracted the relevant value for our case of course we have many other parameters as well):


If you look carefully on the first quote and you look at the first pipe character you already know what happens 🙂

Just write this command into the shell and try to execute:

set "JAVA_OPTS=-Dhttp.nonProxyHosts="localhost*|*|10*"

The first pipe character will act as is so the command shell will try to interpret the following string as a command but* is not a command.

So my suggested solution is delete the extra quotes in the the new release as it was in the previous release. They are in the 179 and 184 rows and the problem simple will be disappeared and you need not to eliminate the proxy settings at all, you can use them as you need. In this case you need not to switch off the Proxy settings switch as well. If you want to rely on the NetBeans proxy settings you can do with this small modification.

The second situation which generates timeout in deployment it was extremely strange for me and only the Steve’s answer helped me so thanks for it.

Summary if you see some bugs in a new release of any open source system first check the modification and try to find which back step by step. In this case this solved everything.

I hope that TomEE will also recognize this and repair them soon in the next release or they create a patch for it.




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