Fileuploader only uploads first file if an BlockUI component is in the same view, Primefaces

I´m using common Primefaces 3.5. with JSF 2.1 and JDK 1.7.
Application server is glassfish 3.

If i use an UIBlock component in the same view as the fileuploader, 
the fileuploader only processes the first file.
Testet with different commons-io and commons-fileuploader libs.
Testet on single view with only these two components in it.

After removing the UIBlock Element the fileuploader is working fine again.



Jul 10, 2013

#1 dpearson…

Check out the last post in this topic. 
I had a block UI file upload problem even when they weren't in the same dialog. 
It seems they are incompatible. This fixed my issue so maybe yours is related.

I overloaded the function in my own primefaces control javascript file with
Primefaces.widget.BlockUI.prototype.bindTriggers = function {
code from that post

Being able to do this is pretty handy b/c you don’t have to break open the primefaces
source and update it yourself.
I’ve had to do this for a few other issues as well that just needed some if checks.


The post:

I had the same problem. I think it is related to the fileUpload more than blockUI cause the ajaxComplete triggered has no parameter in it…Anyway i resolved this with a patch to the primefaces.js modifying the blockUI widget bindTriggers method like this:

bindTriggers:function(){var a=this,b=this.cfg.triggers.split(",");$(document).bind("ajaxSend",function(d,f,c){if(c){if($.inArray(c.source,b)!=-1){}}});$(document).bind("ajaxComplete",function(d,f,c){if(c){if($.inArray(c.source,b)!=-1){a.hide()}}})}
var a=this,b=this.cfg.triggers.split(",");





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